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Welcome to Dryad Bows, Inc.


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        " Performance through Innovation "

Jason, Mike and John Havard have joined forces in developing new products to our line of bows targeting even greater performance.  With John joining the team we are now able to utilize his patented ACS limb design for our ILF system and the Orion bolt-down bow.  This will allow our customers a wider range of limb options, starting with the entry level Epic and Orion limbs to the top-of-the-line Legend - ACS CG  and Orion - ACS limbs. 

Jason has also recently redesigned the Orion 3 piece bolt-down bow offering greater performance and flexibility in limb choices. 

Don't forget we also have the full line of HELLE knives and blades. 

All Dryad Bows are crafted by Mike and Jason Westvang.

  The new Dryad Sprite

The new Sprite is sized for our youngest shooters but can go the distance.


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Henry with his Sprite shooting his 3D targets
We've got Hats & T-shirts!
  $15.00 each

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 T-shirts are in 3 colors - Black, Green, Blue and Gray - 3 sizes L, XL and XXL . The hats are adjustable. 

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The Dryad ILF System ILF Risers and Limbs
ILF includes the Epic riser and several limb options that include the EPIC longbow and recurve limbs and LEGEND-ACS 4G, LEGEND-ACS CG, and the Legend-ACS RC (ACS static recurve) ILF  limbs. 

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Orion 3 piece takedown with ACS - RC limbs Orion Takedown Risers and Limbs
The redesigned Orion 3 piece bolt-down now offers 3 riser lengths and grip styles.  Limbs include the Orion longbow and recurve limbs and Orion-ACS 4G, Orion-ACS CG, and the Orion-ACS RC (ACS static recurve).

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1 piece bows  1 piece Bows
Our fiberglass 1 piece bows include the Oracle, Phoenix, Phoenix Lite and the NEW SPRITE!!
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Helle Knives - Superior Norwegion Quality Helle Knives
We offer the full line of Helle Knives, Blades, Kits and other accessories.
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Defining Bow Performance - by John Havard
Click here for Johns in-depth research on bow performance and the ACS story.